Artifical Turf

James Fortcamp | 03/05/15

Continually practicing putting in your own backyard will make you a better golfer on the golf course.

Bill Leach | 03/05/15

You don't need to buy a special mower to cut a synthetic putting green because it doesn't need to be cut.

Candice Wermig | 03/05/15

Synthetic grass is a booming industry that needs distributors.

Geoff Edwards | 03/04/15

City parks are replacing real grass with artificial grass.

Deborah Bowers | 03/04/15

If you want to replace your school grounds with a less maintenance grass, give us a call.

Gilda Goldwag | 03/02/15

You won't need to use golf shoes when you putt on your backyard green. We offer great prices to landscapers who want to buy synthetic turf directly from our company.

Deborah Johnson | 02/28/15

If you need to improve your golf putt, practice in your backyard on your own putting green.

Annette Tamminga | 02/28/15

We offer the best type of synthetic turf with twisted fibers that help hold it up without a lot of sand infill. If you want less work landscaping your church, let us install synthetic turf for you.

Courtney Mccarthy | 02/26/15

We can teach you how to install synthetic turf putting greens.

Aida Vega | 02/24/15

You can work on specific putts regularly when you have a backyard putting green at home.

David Gray | 02/24/15

You have probably seen our synthetic turf on television because we sell it for television sets.

Asia Jenkins | 02/22/15

You will probably be surprised at how affordable an artificial putting green can be.

Brian Hunn | 02/21/15

Most people cannot tell our artificial grass from real grass until they feel it.

Camille Lear | 02/21/15

If you'd like to enhance the look of your landscaping with artificial grass, we have the best turf in the industry.

Courtney Zukal | 02/20/15

If you are a builder and want to use synthetic turf for your model homes, we can supply you with the best synthetic turf in the industry.

Isaac Gallinella | 02/18/15

We can install a synthetic turf putting green in a shorter time than you can imagine.

James Ferentz | 02/16/15

If you are a landscaper and you'd like to install artificial grass, we can train you how to do it.

Darlene Reed | 02/16/15

We can give you discount pricing on synthetic turf if you are in the landscape industry.

Annette Erickson | 02/15/15

If you are on the city council and you want to replace the real grass in your street medians, give us a call.

Elizabeth Hicks | 02/14/15

Synthetic grass lawns are very cost effective and money saving.

Anne Kelly | 02/13/15

If you cut lawns and do landscaping work, you can buy artificial grass products directly from the manufacturer.

James Friend | 02/11/15

Contractors and landscapers can call on us for wholesale pricing on artificial grass and putting green turf.

Diana Grashuis | 02/10/15

When you practice putting on a backyard putting green you can set the ball to start your putt in a different spot every time.

April Fahey | 02/10/15

We can give you a tournament quality putting green turf right in your own backyard. You can put down thick plastic under your artificial grass if you live in an area where weed are plentiful.

Diane Frisch | 02/08/15

If your golf swing is bad, go to a driving range and practice. If you are on a limited budget, you'll actually save money with a synthetic backyard putting green.

Gretchen Wilson | 02/07/15

We have had landscapers install artificial grass on rooftop gardens.

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